Forums and Avenues of Appeal in U.S. Customs Law

  1. Advance Rulings under NAFTA
  2. Refund of Duties under NAFTA
  3. Country of Origin Determinations: Advisory Rulings and Final Determinations
  4. General Rulings
  5. Protest of a Port Director's Decision
  6. Application for Further Review of a Protest
  7. Appeals of Civil and Criminal Penalties and Forfeitures
  8. Prior Disclosures
  9. World Trade Organization Petitions
  10. NAFTA Article 1904.13 Panel Proceedings & NAFTA Litigation
  11. NAFTA Chapter 11 Arbitration and Judicial Challenges
  12. Judicial Review of Adverse Marking Decisions under Article 510 of NAFTA
  13. The U.S. Court of International Trade
  14. Appeals before the U.S. Federal Courts

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